Ginger Bald Bearded Tom Gonk

from Tom Kitching

Constructed from fuzz, wire, googly eyes, and the highest quality ping pong ball, this genuine Splentacles designed representation of Tom is currently the ONLY official merchandise available for Tom Kitching. Besides the album, y'know.

ships out within 5 days

  £3 GBP



Tom Kitching Manchester, UK

In a successful ten year career, Tom has worked with numerous singers and bands, including Pilgrims' Way, Gavin Davenport, Jon Loomes, Gren Bartley, and Albireo. He has tutored at Folkworks Summer Schools, and has lead numerous workshops around the country. Heavily involved in the dance scene, and veteran of over a thousand gigs, he stands at the leading edge of the English folk scene. ... more

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